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Entry numero Three tonight

1. Full name: Laura Joy Pinkerton

2. Nick names: Laurita, Lola, pinkerdinker, pinky, pinkywinky

3. Named after any1: nope

4. Screen name(s): lauraonfire

5. They mean: alexisonfire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with my name

6. B~day: March 23st 1991

7. Age: 15
8. Sign: Aries nigga

9. Birth place: no idea

10. Hospital: No idea

11. Sex: Female

12. Religion/church: Christian, Northland

13. Height: 5'3"

14. Weight: 118

15. Shoe size: 8

16. Lefty/righty: Lefty (cuz i'm smart)

17. Eye color: blue

18. Hair color: Blonde

19. Hair length: Short

20. Piercings: Ears

21. Tattoos: None

22. Scars: Many many

23. Glasses, braces, etc: none. Soy perfecto! Justttt kidding

24. Home base: Longwood?

25. Sibs/ages: None

26. Parents/ages: John and Joy 50 and 55?

27. Pets: My chihuahua taco :) and Socartes the fish

28. Car: Soon to be Honda Accord

29. Living arrangements: con mis parientes

30. Hobbies: Reading and soccer

31. School: Lake Brantley High School

32. School colors: blue, red, and white

33. School mascot: Patriot

34. GPA: likeee 3.1?

35. Bed time: Whenever

36. Morning time: like 10

37. Friends (girls): Carpisi :) Becca :) Lizzie, Sarah, Melissa

38. Friends (boys): Matt, Daniel, Chrismiss, Nicholips, Ryan

39. Best Friends: Becca, Matt, Carissa, Nicholips

40. Smartest: Becca and Chrismiss

41. Stupidest: none of my friends are stupid at all.

42. Weirdest: probably Chrismiss

43. Skinniest: Nicholips

44. Cutest: Danipan, Nicholips and Beccalecca

45. Tallest: Daniel

46. Shyest: none

47. Scariest: none of them are scary

48. Closest: either Carissa or Becca or Nick

49. Coolest: Chrismiss

50. Craziest: Matt

51. Sweetest: Daniel

52. Nicest: Daniel and Carissa

53. Meanest: Chris can be pretty mean, i think

54. Most hyper: idk

55. Hottest: They're all total babes if you ask me

56. Loudest: Matt

57. Friend you trust the most: Becca

58. Friend you chill wit the most: Carissa and Daniel

59. Funniest: Chris, and Melissa and Matt

60. Coolest hair: Nicholips and Daniels

61. Newest friend: Daniel

62. Got a GF/BF: Yes

63. Name: Daniel

64. How long has it been: 1 MONTH TODAY

65. Sweetest thing they've done 4 you: Umm it's a tie between the balloon, the bear, the necklace, picking me up off the floor, putting me into bed and then tucking me in, andd holding me up during all of the concerts at warped tour

66. Love, like, lust: ........

67. Crush: Danipan

68. The person you wanna date: Datin him

69. What do you look 4 in a guy/grl: LONG curly/wavy dark hair. Brown eyes, 6'2 can speak spanish and parents make good food.

70. What do you notice when you first meet them: Hair

71. Biggest turn on: Hair and eyes

72. Biggest turn off: Being stupid.

73. Longest relationship: 10 months

74. Who: Kevin

75. Shortest relationship: A few hours

76. Who:: This kid leo, he was fat.

77. Movie: Girl, Interuppted

78. Star: Johnny Depp

79. Singer: Dallas Green, George Petit and Jared Leto

80. Song: Hello I'm in Delaware - Dallas Green

81. Color: Blue

82. Car: Audi TT

83. Flower: Orchids

84. Holiday: Halloween & Christmas

85. Animal: prarie dog

86. Channel: E! or Style or MTV or Fuse

87. TV show: Nip/tuck

88. Radio station: 101.1

89. Subject: Literature

90. State: Wisconsin

91. Country: USA all the way babay

92. Word: tetracholophenol-tetrabromasulfathalene

93. Phrase: hey little lady, you be good iigh? dont let anyone take away your sunshine. member we've got to live this life. and its not always gonna be pretty, but we've got to see the light in everything. ill be around for you. ;-)"

94. Shoe brand: Nike

95. Clothes brand: I don't know, whatever makes band T-shirts

96. Cologne/perfume: Abercrombie 8

97. Month: July

98. Food: Italian, Japanese, Greek, Mexican and Chinese

99. Drink: Water

100. Store: Sephora

101. Place to visit: WAUPACA

102. Day: Saturday

103. Time of day: 7

104. Shampoo: Herbal Essence

105. Soap: whatever is in my tub

Least Fave

106. Movie: Fat Albert.

107. Star: Tara Reid

108. Singer: The singer Anti-flag or any other punk band

109. Song: anything by Coheed and Cambria

110. Color: cammoflage colors

111. Car: hummer

112. Flower: roses, way too overplayed

113. Holiday: Black history month

114. Animal: Cockroaches

115. Channel: CNN

116. TV show: Rap Countown

117. Radio station: 107.7

118. Subject: Math.

119. State: California

120. Country: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, South Korea

121. Word: nipples

122. Phrase: it will be better one day

123. Shoe brand: k swiss

124. Clothes brand: South Pole

125. Cologne/perfume: i dont remember

126. Month: any month i'm in school

127. Food: french fries

128. Drink: coke, pepsi anything that isn't water

129. Store: South Pole

130. Place to visit: My grandmas. I'm sorry but it is boring as SHIT

131. Day: Mondays, tuesday, thursday, sunday

132. Time of day: 7:15-2:20

133. Shampoo: ..

134. Soap: ...

135. Job: Make-up artist, tornado chaser, chef, talent buyer

136. Marriage: duh

137. To: Dallas Green

138. Honeymoon: Madrid, Spain, porque yo puedo hablo español

139. Where will you live: Waupaca Wisconsin, or Tuscany, Italy or Athens, Greece

140. Kids: 2

141. Boy's name(s): Brent

142. Girl's name(s): Juliet

143. Car: Honda CRV

144. What are you doin tomorrow: sleeping, baking

145. Go back to anywhere where would you go: Wisconsin

146. Least favorite memory: April 23 2006 - May 11 2006

147. Most embarrassing moment: i don't remember

148. First BF/GF: Jimmy Mack?

149. When was that: 7th grade

150. Thing you most regret: nothng

151. Favorite memory: Sitting on the dock in Waupaca

152. The thing you wish you did but didn't: didn't doubt myself?

Have you ever
153. Kissed someone: Yes

154. Cried your way out of things: oh yeah

155. Got D~hall: nope :)

156. Tried to kill your self: twice?

157. Cried over someone you loved: Yes

158. Betrayed a friend: yeah

159. Used someone: yep

160. Cheated on a BF/GF: yep

161. Lied to your parents: yep

162. Ran away from home: for like a few hours

163. Got lost in a store: nope

164. Go kicked out of a place: I don't think so? Probably though

165. Got drunk: Yes

166. Drove a car: Yeah

167. Been grounded: Back in the day

168. Broken a bone: my wrist

169. Ran into a door in public: many a times

1st thing u think of
170. George W. Bush: God
just kidding. I think of controversy

171. Rubber: Condom

172. Wet: Sidwalks

173. Big boy: Austin Powers

174. Candy: Candy Corn

175. Boys: Love

176. Love: whatever

177. Girls: Becca

178. Death: end of the world

179. Life: possibility

180. Mom: love

181. Dad: hard rock

182. Quality time: talking with becca or chris. I always feel smarter afterwards

183. Ball: goal

184. Bill Clinton: democrat

185. God: Thank you

186. Devil: Evil

187. Brit Spears: Kevin Federline

188. Pie: Yumm:)

189. Jello: fever

190. Greese: black people, just kidding, I think CARISSA!

191. Grody: Candance

192. Bubba: redneck

Which 1
193. Coke/pepsi: neither

194. Sandals/sneakers: Sneakers

195. Boy/guy: guy

196. Girl/chick: chick

197. CD/tape: CD

198. Movie/DVD: DVD

199. Sweet/sour: Sweet

200. 2door/4door: 4

201. Outside/inside: Outside

202. Rose/candy: candy

203. Old/new: New

204. Hot/cute: hot

More Q's
205. Biggest Fear: I am not loved

206. Worst feeling in the world: powerless, helpless

207. Greatest feeling: that feeling when someone does somerthing super nice for you

208. Hardest thing you've ever done: stayed alive

209. Dreams: everynight, very epic

210. Goals: To make a difference.

211. How big is your bed: Not big at all

212. How long are you in the shower: 7 minutes, tops

213. How many times do you shower: At least once a day

214. What do you do in your spare time: Listen to music, read, play soccer, excersize, bake, watch tv get on the comp

215. What time is it: 11:36

216. What's today's date: June 27th

217. Who are you sending this to: No one

218. How many ppl are on your BL: 258

219. Who will most likely fill this out: no one

220. Did you like this survey: Sure

221. How's life: Pretty damn good
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